Speed of speech in your palm with your digital voice recorder


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Speed of speech in your palm with your digital voice recorder.

Make professional dictation a seamless part of your workflow.

With its vast array of functions and accessories like USB, a docking station and speech processing software, the DS-7000 can be customised to form an essential part of any professional dictation workflow in any IT environment – comfortably from the palm of your hand.

Speech Recognition – the ultimate boost for your efficiency

Would you like to further increase the productivity of your company? Make use of normally unproductive time, for example while travelling by car or in transit at airports? Olympus offers you solutions to make your document creation 3 times faster.

With the implementation of an additional speech recognition software* you will boost the efficiency of your documentation as you will create texts with your voice and will no longer need anyone to transcribe your dictations.

*compatible speech recognition software has to be purchased separately

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