RGO is committed to be a trusted resource and support as we navigate our way through the now, near and far in Returning to the Workplace.

Now is the time to start the conversation.  RGO Products and Service are ready to assist you from plan development through execution, offering support and recommendations for your unique spaces.




Competing in the Post-COVID Era

The Case for Place and the Need to Get it Right 

This article is part of a series of updates “Navigating What’s Next: The Post-COVID Workplace.

“The COVID-19 crisis thrust millions of us into a mass experiment in working from home.  As economics begin to reopen, CEO’s are starting to think about how work will change as a result of what we’ve experienced and learned.”

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15 Reasons Why the Office Matters

Here’s why the workplace is more important than ever before.

“After working from home and collaborating at a distance, the importance of the workplace and all that it offers has become clear: An office is more than just a place to work.”

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Protecting Your Employees, Customers and Business

RGO recognizes the importance of keeping spaces safe and aims to assist in the preparation required to get businesses back up and running. Our 3 Stage Response offers clients a comprehensive and thorough sanitization, disinfection and full decontamination process. Facility Maintenance Services have become increasingly important, and RGO is making ever effort to aid in this process.

Call us to arrange a quote 403.660.2915 or email us at Service@rgo.ca 

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Navigating spaces

During the transition through now, near and far RGO is here to support your organization and aims to make the journey as smooth and safe as possible.

The following document outlines simple changes you can make as you navigate your Return to the Workplace.

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Campfire Screen
Steelcase Clipper Screen
Clipper Screen
Divisio Screen
Divisio Screen
Steelcase Extremis Sticks
Extremis Sticks
Flex Acoustic
Flex Acoustic Boundary
Steelcase Flex System
Flex Screens
Privacy Modesty Panel
Privacy/Modesty Screens
Sarto Screen
Sarto Screen
AMQ - 3F Panels

Workplace Applications

Workplace Applications – Benching + Desking
Benching + Desking
Workplace Applications – Panel Systems
Panel Systems
Workplace Applications – Ancillary
Technology – Creating Hands Free Workplace

Creating a More Hands-Free Workplace

How a suite of data-driven tools can help make the post-COVID workplace safer.

From touch-less space and automated desk reservations systems, to enforcing new norms for social distancing in the workplace and informing cleaning processes in the workplace, a Smart + Connected Digital Workplace can help.

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Smart + Connected

Steelcase Roam

At Your Service

Office Moves & Reconfiguration
Space Reconfiguration
Calgary Commerical Storage
Excess Furniture Storage
Furniture Service
Service Plans & Maintenance
Calgary Refinishing & Furniture Repair
Cleaning, Reconditioning & Re-upholstery
Asset Mnagement
Returning to the Workplace Assessments
Calgary Project Management
Space Planning
Health and Safety Message Design 2020

Protective Flooring | Health & Safety Message Designs

Looking for quick and effective ways to manage traffic flow and create safer spaces for employees and customers?

RGO Flooring can assist with convertible flooring that extends beyond the entry and walk-off zones to deliver protective flooring solutions throughout any space.  

These innovative designs have multiple applications, assisting our hospitality, health, and other office spaces comply with Government organization guidelines.  This extensive suite of customized floor mats are an effective alternative/addition to visual signage in your space. 

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Returning to the Office​

Navigating What's Next: The Post-COVID Workplace

How should we design the post-COVID workplace?  A new guide form Steelcase begins a series on what’s ahead as organizations plan to bring people back to work safely.

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