Employee Testimonials

Cindy - Major Projects, Senior Designer

I have been with RGO for over 35 years, and yes, that is a long time – why did I stay?
Although the obvious reason is a lot of great people (internal/external) and the aspect of the role that I have had as a Senior Designer, but more importantly it has been because of the opportunity to be a part of the “team” and working on some significant projects over the years. Autonomy/flexibility has been another important factor. As a young mother, I wanted to spend more quality time with family and at the same time my career was important to me, RGO gave me that flexibility.

John - Manager, Furniture Service/Installations

My career with RGO is a long and progressive one. 36 years back, I started here as a Part-time Installer and consistently moved up the ranks to become a Manager. It’s never been a routine job, I have always been challenged and motivated to learn and grow. We have a conducive work environment and lots of good people to work with.
RGO is very dynamic, customer driven, and challenging; one should always be ready to take new projects and an open mind to grow and develop. Word of advice – always assert yourself, speak your mind, try new things, be creative, and have an attitude of – “there is always a better way.”

Barbara - Intermediate Accountant

A local ownership of immense reputation attracted me to RGO. Since my first anniversary with RGO, I feel I am valued and recognized with the Kudos Program, Award Presentation, and regular informal feedback that I receive from my manager. My work space and my team members are huge motivators to wake up in the morning; it is a very dynamic environment. I have the opportunity to interact with all departments, at all levels. Easy access to Senior Management is a great plus. I am also overwhelmed by the generosity of RGO family in terms of donations and involvement in the community, which characterizes RGO as a great corporate citizen.

Hau - Technical Lead/Project Manager

Seven years back, an opportunity to learn and explore presented itself when I was hired as a Technology Coordinator, with RGO. My life at RGO is a combination of growth, passion, and team work infused with awesome work environment and a very modern physical work space. My role provides me with the flexibility to explore new ideas and problem solve because my work challenges me every day. I like what I do, and assume great pride working for the RGO family.

Jose - Lead Installer

Seven years backs when I came here from Mexico, little did I know RGO would bring so many changes in my life. Work at RGO is interesting; I like the day to day challenges of working on some major projects. I have a great team of Installers and I treat them like my own. If I have any concerns, RGO’s management is easily accessible. It is a family company and we are all treated like family and I treat my team like wise.