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Vanes set between translucent sheers bestow the privacy of soft draperies in Luminette® Privacy Sheers. Fabric vanes rotate for privacy while controlling the light in a room.

Perfect for large windows and sliding glass doors, their superior UV protection meets both your decorating and practical needs Luminette® sheers provide endless ways to manage light and privacy in expansive applications.

Large expanses – The perfect solution for sliding glass doors or large expanses with widths up to 192″ and heights up to 120″.

Light control and privacy – The soft face fabric of Luminette® Privacy Sheers is permanently bonded to fabric vanes, offering full view-through and discreet privacy.

UV protection – Protects and preserves furnishings from UV damage caused by direct sunlight while maintaining view-through.

Daylighting – Luminette® Privacy Sheers diffuse and disperse the sun’s rays into soft, natural light throughout the room, which can reduce the need for electric lighting during the daytime.

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