RGO maintains a staff of space planning professionals who can help achieve your office vision – even if you’re not completely what it is yet. Working together, we can help decide on more than simply colors and patterns. We can be a valuable resource when it comes to ergonomics and overall office design that helps maximize efficiency and productivity, as well help you reconfigure your workspace.


  • faster response times to sales opportunities
  • high quality 3D renderings
  • rules-driven, smart products via SmartTools
  • a complete bill of materials and budget pricing.
  • significantly reduced specification errors on layouts and orders

Yesterday’s Design Process…

The traditional design and specification process within the Dealer business process has been very costly in terms of people, errors, time invested per sales opportunity and ultimately, the customer experience. The traditional industry tools and our product structure required designers and others to understand and work with our products at a parts level.

SmartTools speeds up responses to sales opportunities, while significantly increasing the quality of those responses through renderings, a complete bill of materials and budget pricing.

At the same time, the software reduces specification errors on layouts and orders to an absolute minimum, while providing a direct link to both Hedberg and the Auto-pricing system.

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